I am often asked, “What exactly is grace?” One definition is that grace is the direct experience of divine love, in which we know our existence as profoundly blessed. When I say love, I mean the oceanic fullness that lies within the depth of our heart – that wants to open and connect with all that is real and meaningful in life; that healing presence that is naturally generous, compassionate and joyful; and most exquisite of all – wants to share it with another, with the world.

~ Miranda Macpherson


Sufic and other practices do not bring Grace. For, in truth, Grace is always there. Every human soul is always under Divine Grace but does not know it; therefore the practices.

~ Sufi Sam Lewis


Grace is always present. It is within you, as the heart. The moment you let the mind drop into the heart, Grace rushes forth, sprouting as from a spring within you

~ Ramana Maharshi


And I surrender to the mystery

In the lap of God I rest my case

The force that bore this world can carry me

Who am I to question grace?

~ Kirtana


True identity is the identity with all Essence, with all of reality. This very moment, not related to past or future, is the center, and from there you can see that you are nothing but grace. Not only does life have meaning, but it is a grace, as if the heavens opened and poured grace into you. You will see that your very nature is that grace, pure unoriginated preciousness, which you don't see by looking but by being. There is no sense of separateness between the looking and the being; they are one act. To be yourself means you are Essence, you are Being, you are the significance, you are the meaning. 

~ A.H. Almaas


It is by the grace of God these words are spoken. It is by the love of God I am here. The God I know is not a God of one nation. He is without limit, or bias, or judgement. It is the God of the entire universe.​

~ Mooji


Grace is always present. You imagine it as something high in the sky that descends. Yet it is really inside you, as your Heart. The moment you merge the mind into its source Grace rushes forth, Sprouting as if from a spring within you.

~ Ramana Maharshi


To love is to recognize the essential Unity. To recognize Unity is to know the truth of things. It does no good to exhort someone or yourself to "love more." Love is always a gift. Love comes unexpectedly. Love is a mystery. If we are seekers, we may try to unravel this mystery. Penetrate it. Bend it to our understanding. But ultimately love reveals itself to be grace, an undeserved kiss from the Universe. In a sense it is a passage through the illusion of independence. It is a moment in which the truth of things is revealed and in that moment we feel the expansion of ourselves such that we are no longer independent of that which we love, we are Unified, we are whole, we are at peace.

~ Wayne Liquorman


Only if one makes himself available to higher and higher possibilites, then Grace can descend and do something that you yourself could never do.

~ Sadhguru


Just stay open, silent and receptive and the work of grace will unfold naturally.

~ Mooji


Problems come to satsang. We put them under our chairs. They get drunk on grace, and keel over. Then people forget them as they leave.

~ Pamela Wilson

That's what's nice about satsang: there's no doing required. The innocence just gets uncovered by Grace. She peels us like ripe fruit.

~ Pamela Wilson

So you bring this sweater, this vestment that you wear called an individual persona, to satsang, and Grace starts to unravel it. And she unravels it in a place you can’t really see.

~ Pamela Wilson

Satsang is the invitation to Rest and let Grace dissolve what is unreal. It takes more effort to maintain the persona than to Rest in what Is!

~ Pamela Wilson


If you’re not a lover of what is, you live in a godless world, a world without grace.

~ Byron Katie


Turn to spiritual practices - be they of inquiry, meditation or devotion, that most feed your soul, but let it be powered by your heart’s natural love for the truth, for God, for the source of your existence itself. When you feel into this love of the real, even if you are not quite sure what this is, you are drawn deeper into contact with the mystery. Grace begins to open you deeper than your familiar ego with its patterns of defense. This gives you the strength and kindness to be with even the most tender places inside yourself and open to both the challenge and the joys of your life.

~ Miranda Macpherson


Life is not your enemy! There is no going back to the Source because the Source cannot be left. Listen and perhaps you will hear. Look and perhaps you will see. Open your heart and perhaps you will feel. All that is Grace.

~ Wayne Liquorman


There are little graces, such as those which produce a glimpse; but there is only one great Grace: this produces a lasting transformation, a deep radical healing and permanent enlightenment.

~ Paul Brunton


To live a meaningful life where we continue unfolding, we must learn to befriend the empty spaces where we are not controlling the course. This allows for shedding of old identities, structures and ways of being both internal and external that are no longer true. Ultimately, we are invited to surrender everything – that’s how grace, or the hand of the divine mystery can spring forth abundantly from within us.

~ Miranda Macpherson


What a blessed life


Two Faces of Grace

By Gangaji


The experience of the gift of life, of the grace of life, is a mysterious blessing we celebrate and bow to. Grace is the answer to our prayers, and yet it is free of our bidding. How joyous to bask in even an instant of surprising good fortune. How sweetly humbling to be delivered from misfortune.

We most easily and delightedly recognize grace in its form of deliverance. Yet it has another, equally humbling, equally mysterious face. The horrific face of grace can fill us with dread and fear when it appears, but if we are willing to welcome it — as we welcome the good news of the grace of bounty — it too brings us home. In whatever form it presents itself, grace reveals home as free and at peace. Grace is the messenger of the silent core of us, regardless of any tumult on the surface.

Who can truly comprehend what we each have to experience in our lives? We know of horrible experiences, diseases, wars, loss and degradation that many have to go through. And we also hear from many of the surprising grace present with the loss and pain: grace’s horrific face.

This is not the face of grace that we want. We want grace that is easy and beautiful and flowing. We usually — at least initially — resist grace that is ugly and painful. You must have experienced certain events, however they have shown up, as unwanted. If you are still resisting some unwanted event in your life and are willing to open to it now, you can find the grace in that very moment.

Grace does not require you to want something that you do not want. What is required is that you tell the truth about what simply and irrevocably is. What is required is that you stop fighting and hiding from what is. When these utterly simple and deeply challenging requirements are met, the innate grace of your own consciousness naturally reveals who you are and what you can bear.

We have many ideas about what we can bear. These ideas are the reflections of our fear. We doubt our capacity to meet what life and the changes in life give us. But when the willingness to tell the truth in open stillness comes, capacity is discovered.

Part of the horrific grace of being a human being is the knowledge that non-existence is at the end of the arc of our lifetime. We avoid death — other’s or our own — but when death comes close, the possibility is just as close for the discovery of great horrific grace. We don’t want to die. It may sometimes seems dying would be easier than meeting the challenge of living, but you wouldn’t be reading this if you hadn’t chosen life. And yet death will come.

In the horrific knowledge that what we don’t want (death, loss) will come regardless of our desires, there is an indescribable grace that is available. The fact that you have the gift of a human life with reflective consciousness allows you to open your consciousness, rather than to engage in the usual habitual strategies of denial.

The Tibetans speak about this precious human life. I used to doubt the preciousness of a human life because it seemed that the cows, in their unconsciousness of inevitable death might actually have a better life. But what are the cows doing in the pasture? They are waiting for the slaughterhouse. Even the lilies of the field, though not doing anything, simply living and being beautiful, are dead soon enough. We too are headed for the slaughterhouse, we too will be dead soon enough. And because of the horrific grace of consciousness we can meet that inevitability.

If we stop at the horror, if we try to find something to cover it or fix it or distract ourselves from it, we deny ourselves the grace of it. When there is enough willingness to face what has been avoided, the preciousness of every moment of every limited life form is celebrated and welcomed. Facing the horror of changes and endings allows us to fully participate in both what is inherently transitory and what is changeless.

Precious human life. Precious life form. Precious moment of every life — the cow’s life until it is slaughtered or the lily’s life until it wilts — how precious it is to be conscious of being and not being.



Eaton Satsang