When did I first discover the love and joy of Being?

How did I come to recognize that the Universe is generous and beneficent?

I've learned this repeatedly when I realize the many, many gifts I've been given in this life. Meeting Pamela Wilson is one of those gifts for which I owe my deepest gratitude.

For many years I had a curiosity and urgent interest in discovering more about our potential as human beings, and I suspected there was a unrevealed common ground of the world's religions and philosophies, but my explorations just led to more questions, and a maze-like landscape of practices and possibilities. Then I met Pamela.

My remembrance of Pamela is of her barely able to contain the overflowing and radient bliss inside her. She appeared to be like a big bang of joy about to explode upon the world. It seemed accidental, our first meeting, (if you believe in accidents) and I was propelled to follow her to satsangs and retreats in various locations over the next few years. It wasn't her words or wisdom I sought, but the overwhelming love I felt as my heart repeatedly opened in her presence.

Imagine my delight when one day in Santa Fe she accepted my invitation to lead a weekend retreat in our New Hampshire home. Imagine further my surprise when she asked me to begin leading regular gatherings at home. I was too fearful to acceed at first, but Pamela persisted in asking for a response and 3 months later, when she again confronted me directlt, I agreed to hold weekly satsangs. How could I refuse a teacher for whom I have such total love and respect? So, in 2007 Eaton Satsang began, and it's proved to be a major learning process ever since.

Thank you, Pamela, I love you.


Dick & Kathy with Pamela at October 2007 weekend retreat in Eaton (photo by Bill Nagahiro)


An introduction Pamela prepared for her address at the 2012 Science & Nonduality Conference.


The nature of the Self is this same abiding, still intelligence that we call Nature. A deep and true love that animates and cherishes every form equally. It is eternal and wild and knows all is deathless. Looking out of all eyes, it loves itself, eats itself and challenges itself into a full return back to raw wisdom, calm strength, and fierce love. Soaring above, substrating below and rippling through existence, it manifests as form, function, mind, emotion and sensation, beings, weather. Neither divine nor human, nor not divine or human, it is elemental, before existence and human ideas of non-existence. It is not free, nor bound; these are paltry ideas it has never heard of. Its strength is immeasurable, its intimate view everywhere; seeing all its forms having ultimate and equal value, it lives, holds and breathes Life. So wise is stillness it holds no wisdom, so silent it animates and hears all sound, so unmoving it carries all movement. It inspires and is the artistry of forests, lakes, music, and dance, that celebrate the beauty of life. It has never been born nor died. All forms are its own and, when spent, returned back into the earth or sea with reverence. Eternal, timeless, sensual, constant, surprising and true, it is celebrated by romantic love, mother love, the seasons, all the apparent opposites, and worshipped as divine. As spaceless space, it births the five elements: fire, water, earth, air and space. A primordial iridescent mystery, luminous and dark, alert and resting, its heartbeat pulses everyone's blood, and gives the breath of life to its creation. All names are its own, so it does not mind if we call it the Self.



Eaton Satsang